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Photographer: Polly Todd

      Polly Todd is a South London based, self-taught amateur photographer
      and also a living kidney donor. She donated a kidney to her brother Rich-
      ard.  She always loved photography starting at a young age, however she
      didn’t pursue her passion until 2011 when she bought her first SLR camera
      and has not looked back since.

      When she was asked to take photos for the exhibition display she didn’t
      hesitate as she knew it would be a pretty awesome way to create conver-
      sations around living donation in the black community.

      Polly’s subjects had all walked the same walk as her in that they had all
      donated a kidney to a love one.  She says “It’s always inspiring for me,
      when I am involved in anything that helps to bring awareness to live kid-
      ney donation within the Black community”.

      She believes that photography as an art form is both emotionally provok-
      ing and visually stimulating and enjoys telling a story by freezing time. Her
      images range from close up photography to contemporary, portrait and
      landscape or anything she sees in her day to day life that she feels would
      make a great photograph. Polly has great dedication to her art form as
      she believes photography has the potential for great artistic elements.

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