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Introduction to the exhibition display

      Changing Perceptions, commissioned by Gift of Living Donation, has
      teamed up with Guy’s Hospital, London, to bring you a photographic exhi-
      bition display featuring black living kidney donors. The aim of the display

      is for black people to relate to the people in the photographs and be able
      to imagine themselves helping their loved ones by becoming a living do-
      nor. We want the photographs to empower patients with chronic kidney
      disease who need a transplant to start having conversations about living
      donation with their family and in turn for family members to be inspired to

      become a living donor.

      There are over 600 black men and women with chronic kidney disease

      waiting for a transplant, there is a need for more black donors, hopefully
      the display will help shift the cultural attitudes that many people from the
      black community have about living kidney donation.

      The display presents 16 powerful and thought-provoking photographs of

      African and Caribbean men and women, who live, work and socialise in
      London. They are wives, sisters, daughters, nieces, mothers, husbands, fa-
      thers, sons and brothers.

      They are ordinary men and women who have continued living their lives
      after giving a loved one the ultimate gift of life by donating one of their
      kidneys. They took a risk that they didn't have to take and had an opera-
      tion that they did not need. There are also men and women who offered

      to donate to a loved one but were not compatible.

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