To transform the lives of Black kidney patients by increasing the number of Black living kidney donors



We are a Black community organisation passionate about transforming the lives of Black kidney patients through living donation.


The scheme supports Black people living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD by matching them with living donors to talk about the living kidney donation.


Our patient information pack makes it easier for you to discuss living donation with family and friends.


Donating a kidney is a incredible thing to do, you are giving someone the chance to live their best life now. Read the moving stories of Black living donors.



A living donor kidney transplant is the best treatment option for people with end-stage kidney failure and thousands of lives have been transformed by people who are living donors.

You might decide immediately to be a donor or may need more information to help you make an informed decision.

Doing your research and educating yourself about living kidney donation will help you come to a decision that is right for you. The site will provide you with information about living kidney donation and the living donor process.



As a person considering donating to a friend, your book gave me more information about living donation than my doctor
R. Williams
The book was fascinating, the overall message about living kidney donation will help people decide if organ donation is for them or not.

M. Mensah
Well done! Hopefully if more people read your book, the waiting list for kidney patients needing a transplant will become shorter.
D. Watson
What you have clearly worked very hard for will no doubt be of great use for a lot of families. I hope the book is a great success and leads to encouraging more people to consider live donor transplantation.
D. Meyer
This book will give people the confidence to decide to donate a kidney or any other organ to a family member or friend that needs a transplant.
D. Leaner